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Womens's Adventure Fitness Boot Camp in Broward County, Florida.


Manny Gutierez

Danielle Buran

About 18 months ago I decided to make a significant change with respect to my health and physical well being.  I joined 911Crossfit on Oct 2011 weighing 155lbs (18% body fat). My goal was to completely change the way I thought about my nutrition and exercise. I never enjoyed going to the gym, however I was extremely competitive and enjoyed an environment where I could test my abilities on a daily basis.

Over time, my eating patterns began to improve and body began to change. Today I can say that I am in the best shape of my life at 39yrs of age weighing 165lbs (9% body fat). body began to change. Today I can say that I am in the best shape of my life at 39yrs of age weighing 165lbs (9% body fat) and to test my skills among the fit people in our community. The results that I have achieved and the fiends that I have developed over the past 18 months have literally changed my life.  I plan on continuing to better my physical abilities.

Miguel Alvez

Miguel Alvez

I started at 911 Crossfit when I was at the peak of my tremendous weight loss. I had already lost a significant amount of weight but was ready to take my body to the next level and knew my regular workouts at the gym just couldn't take me there.

I have been a member of Crossfit for almost two years and have continued to see even bigger improvement in my appearance and weight. With ever changing workout routines at a high intensity, everyday I get to look forward to a new exercise challenge and I love it! But it's not just about the workouts; that's only one aspect. With the help of motivational coaches along with free educational seminars on health and nutrition, I've been able to make Crossfit a lifestyle even when I'm not at the gym and that's what fitness is all about. I am truly grateful for how much 911 Crossfit has helped to change my life and how I look at staying fit; I can't wait to see where my experience of training with them will take me next. 

Danielle Buran

Danielle Buran
My story is like most. I was pregnant again for the fifth time and needed to lose that "pregnancy weight". I hadn't worked-out in over 20 years and I was a smoker for more years then I care to say. After my son was born and sleep deprivation had passed, my son was already 9 months old by then, I decided to take action and do something about the 50 lbs. of excess weight that I was carrying. So with my son in tow, I started "Boot Camp" with Jim Sayih. My first two weeks were tough, So I began, every morning five days a week. The combination of the great outdoors and personal instruction given by Jim Sayih started to get my endorfins going. Classes would consist of weight training, obstacle courses, running, etc...different every time. I began to look forward to going to class not to mention all the new friends I was making at the same time. Well, I became addicted!!! Not only have I lost those 50 lbs. I aquired, I've built muscle tone in my arms and legs for the very first time ever! My bum bum and abs are tight too!  My clothes look better on me in my size 2 and so do my bathingsuits! Jim Sayih also taught me how to eat right and to avoid those high in sugar type foods.

Thanks Jim for everything, I'll see you in boot camp on Monday!!!
Forever Grateful, Danielle Buran

Shatoya Livermore

Shatoya Livermore

I started working out with Jim Sayih and his Broward Boot Camp class for 5 months now and have seen amazing improvements all around. I have increased cardio abilities, lifted weights I never thought possible. I'm fitting into clothes I haven't worn for over 4 years and It's become addictive - a great investment in oneself! I know the above statement may sound more like something you would hear on a TV infomercial and I laugh every time I tell my friends and family that joining Broward Women Boot Camp was the best thing I have ever done for myself! However it’s the truth. At 28yrs old, 173lbs and a size 14, I was always out of breath, tired and my self-esteem was heading downhill every time I looked into a mirror. Now, after losing over 30lbs and a size 7 I pause and smile whenever I go pass a mirror. With Jim I have learned good nutrition habits, how to eat clean without feeling hungry all the time or like I am depriving myself. His one on one motivation and the passion he has for fitness and health is addictive. At Broward Women Boot Camp I found a support group of women who all have the same goal, and nothing is better than being apart of a something that motivates and encourages you beyond your own limits. These group of ladies have now become what I am sure will be lifelong friends. So each day I meet with my friends at my workout class, led by Jim Sayih, the most passionate person about fitness I have ever met and it is truly the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Petra Camarena

Petra Carmina

I started Broward Boot Camp a year ago. I was close to 180 pounds and decided to change my lifestyle forever. Boot Camp with Jim Sayih gave me the strength and confidence I have today. I exchanged body fat for muscle and got stronger and stronger. Just recently I turned 45 and ran my first 5K. I am stronger and healthier than ever thanks to Jim and his supporting Boot Camp Family. I learned a lot about nutrition and good exercise not to mention the friends I’ve made at Boot Camp are priceless. We come in all shapes and sizes but we have the same goal. Nobody is left behind and we are there for each other. For me Broward Boot Camp was the best thing ever and I am sure it can change your life too. Petra Camarena

Tasa Nakanishi

Tasa Nakanishi

I  am 47 years old. I have try all the diet, including diet pills but nothing was really kept my weight down for a long period of time. I started Broward Boot camp in June 2009. I see the amazing result in my body. I feel really good  about myself. I start to eat healthy. Every morning, I’m so looking forward to go to class to exercise and see my friends.  I gain a lot of muscle which I never have before. I feeling very strong and healthy. Jim also teach me about nutrition. Thank you so much to Jim Sayih who make me feel good about myself and teach me how to live in a healthy life style.

Lizette Oachea

Lizette Oaechea

For the last couple of years I began to make changes, such as eating better and exercising; however, I would only see minimal results, if any. I tried the many fad diets, including seeing a nutritionist and diet pills—but none of this worked—the scale would not budge. But, I knew I was not destined to stay this way and I continued searching. After seeing no results with a personal trainer whom I was with for six months, I decided to join Broward Boot Camp in November 2009. I met many women of all ages, whom all told me their stories and of their success with the Boot Camp, which motivated me even more. The first thing I mentioned to Jim was how difficult it was for me to lose weight—no matter how hard I worked out or how healthy I ate. He suggested that I should consider not eating any starches, so I did. Now that was the miracle for me. I began to see changes, from losing weight and inches, no more digestive issues or feeling sluggish and my body getting stronger. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing my body change physically and mentally. This for me is a journey and a lifestyle change. But what I have learned from this experience is to never give up.

Lizette Olaechea 6am Boot Camp


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