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Womens's Adventure Fitness Boot Camp in Broward County, Florida.

Broward County Adventure Boot Camp In the News



Boot Camp whips women into shape the Air Force way

Women are gung-ho for a new workout boot camp in Pembroke Pines. They like seeing that middle-age droop disappear.


Special to The Miami HeraldFitness instructor Jim Sayih of Pembroke Pines, founder of Adventure Boot Camp for Women, leads campers in a series of leg squats during the four-week high-impact workout at Pembroke Shores Park.

Fitness instructor Jim Sayih of Pembroke Pines, founder of Adventure Boot Camp for Women, leads campers in a series of leg squats during the four-week high-impact workout at Pembroke Shores Park.

Fitness instructor Jim Sayih heard just what he expected on a recent Monday before dawn at Pembroke Shores Park in Pembroke Pines.

''No groans, no moans. And just think . . . days ago you were crying like someone beat you up in an alley,'' he said to 20 Broward females revved up for their second week of Adventure Boot Camp for Women.

Sure, they felt every muscle burn while sweat seeped from every pore, but members of the hard-core group were determined to make new-mommy bulge, middle-age droop and executive-spread disappear.

Sayih, a Miami police lieutenant, creator of the national 911 Fitness Challenge for police and firefighters and founder of the four-week boot camp for women, said campers enjoy the program because they see results.

''Last week, I couldn't jog. But now I don't feel that heaviness that held me back. Today, I ran and didn't feel junk in my trunk,'' said Mary Jay, 53, of Sunrise.

The outdoor program from 6 to 7 a.m. Monday to Friday is a strategic mix of hiking, Pilates, obstacle courses, running, yoga, weight training and circuit training.

Armed with a master's degree in sports science and physiology, the Air Force veteran once earned the title ''the toughest cop alive'' from the International Law Enforcement Games. He said the boot camp training stimulates the central nervous system, increases strength and sheds fat.

Workouts intensify as time goes on. Every minute unfolds under a constant flow of orders:

''If it hurts, tough it out. . . . If it burns, it's working. . . . If it starts to fry, take a break,'' he calls out during lunges, squats, field exercises and runs.

Breaks are part of the workout.

Together women shout ''Yeah!'' when they pick up dumbbells to heighten impact, yell ''I do, I do!'' when asked if they want more, and then, resting between sets of abdominal crunches, call, ``Thank you, may we have another?''

Juline Gurney, 43, of Miramar, said she and her pants love the program. ''I can button my jeans for the first time in a long time,'' she said.

Gurney, owner of Advance Commercial Funding, an investment bank in Pembroke Pines, is also pleased with the price. Gurney used to pay $60 to $80 an hour three times a week for a personal trainer who often let Gurney slack off.

Sayih's program, at $349 a month, comes to $17.45 a day. The relentless motivation is free.

But fitness training does not stop at the end of the hour. Each session is pumped with information to improve eating habits, self-confidence and well-being.

''I'm not training people to be athletes, I'm helping them live healthier everyday lives,'' said Sayih, a Pembroke Pines father of four.

The class, which began with weight and body mass measurements and a field trip to a health food store, includes the Mommy Fitness Challenge.

When the class ends, measurements will be taken again and three ''losers'' will get Lucky Brand jeans worth about $100 per pair.

The next training session is Aug. 20 through Sept. 14. Sayih hopes to start similar programs for children battling obesity and for kids with physical disabilities.

''Mothers are leaders of every household. I'm hoping that little by little, step by step and mother by mother, we can make families healthier and happier,'' Sayih said

Juline Gurney of Miramar works with dumbbells during the Adventure Boot Camp for Women.

Christy Safont and Kristen Jensen, both 28, of Miramar stretch and recover at the end of a workout at the Adventure Boot Camp.



June 25, 2007    For Immediate Release


Press Release BootcampPolice Lieutenant, Retired Jim 911 Sayih, has transformed thousands of Cops & Firefighter bodies with his 911 Fitness Program.  Now, Jim 911 is helping mothers get in the best shape of their lives with his New Outdoor Boot Camp with 2 locations in Pembroke Pines and 2 in Weston. 

He is Challenging Mothers with an exciting contest –

“Get Back into Your Favorite Jeans” which Jim 911 will award the top 3 mothers with the best percent of improvement a New Pair of Jeans and Wardrobe.

Jim has also devoted his community service to fitness programs for Youth with SPECIAL Needs.

The Next Camp begins Monday, July 9, 2007.

For more information visit

www.BrowardBootCamp.com  or call 954-438-4744

Contact:  Jim Sayih


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